VIDEO: Knowledge Sharing Series: Rawlings of Lee County, Fla.

In Government Fleet's Knowledge Sharing video series, Marilyn Rawlings, CEM, fleet manager for Lee County, Fla., talks about being a woman in the fleet industry, bluffing when you don’t know something, and taking responsibility for mistakes. 

Rawlings came to fleet 21 years ago at the direction of the county manager to try to turn around a trouble organization, she said. Her accomplishments include developing a team of people who take pride in giving great customer service, constantly re-examining and re-working processes the fleet has to ensure it is the best it can be, and performing at five weddings and two funerals for staff members and their families.

She stresses the people skills in her accomplishments because this year, “when I leave Lee County and hand the keys to my successor, I want my team to know that I cared about them, not that I was the best fleet manager around,” Rawlings said.

The Lee County fleet has just less than 2,000 units, a staff of 32, and two locations. 

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About This Series

Government Fleet continues its Knowledge Sharing video series featuring veteran fleet managers sharing advice and tips for new fleet managers. This series was created to address the “graying” of the industry and to allow experienced fleet managers to pass along their industry knowledge.

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