After a successful trial, existing MiX customer, Linde Gas in Brazil, has decided to fit 130 of its vehicles with the telematics company’s dual-camera video recording device, MiX Vision.

The inclusion of MiX Vision in some vehicles comes about two years after Linde Gas made the decision to fit its fleet with MiX’s fleet management solution. MiX Vision will assist the operator to monitor driving behavior more closely and curb unsafe practices, such as driving without a seatbelt and using a mobile phone while driving, according to MiX.

MiX has also gained a new customer in Brazil, the Highway Administration Company Triunfo - Concebra. The customer has fitted 130 vehicles with MiX Telematics’s fleet management solution, reporting significant efficiency results after only three months, according to MiX.

One such benefit achieved within this short timeframe was the reduction of fuel consumption in the service fleet by approximately 7,500L, according to Marco Polo Clemente, operator coordinator at Triunfo - Concebra.