Vision Fleet has been added to the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule to provide solutions for deploying electric-drive vehicles in federal fleets, the company has announced.

Vision Fleet was added to the GSA Schedule under a five-year contract as a provider of transportation, delivery and relocation solutions. To improve efficiency within the federal government, GSA establishes long-term, government-wide contracts with commercial firms to provide access to millions of commercial products and services at volume discount pricing. The federal government fleet currently includes more than 234,000 passenger vehicles.

Under its GSA contract, Vision Fleet will offer the following services rapid fleet assessment to determine optimal fleet inventories and how fleet managers can integrate more efficient vehicles into their fleets; bulk procurement of zero emission, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles; charging infrastructure; full program design and operational support, including real-time monitoring of vehicles, access to car-sharing technology, training, asset-level reporting and preventative maintenance of vehicles.

Federal agencies now have access to Vision Fleet’s Total Cost of Ownership Miles-as-a-Service (TCO MaaS) solution that bundles the costs of owning an electric vehicle into a per-mile rate. Vision Fleet’s approach allows agencies to meet and exceed aggressive sustainability mandates faster than previously possible, according to Vision Fleet.

"The Vision Fleet model is blazing a national trail for government entities to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, increase efficiency, and equip employees with cleaner vehicles powered by cutting-edge technology," said Michael Brylawski, Vision Fleet's chief executive."On the heels of clean energy success stories at the city and state level, we’re pleased to offer this pioneering fleet management approach to agencies across the federal government."

Vision Fleet customers benefit from competitive and predictable pricing for a block of clean, alternatively fueled miles driven annually using Vision Fleet-provided vehicles to enable compliance with zero emission and plug-in hybrid vehicle acquisition requirements, but also GHG emissions reduction targets, as well as telematics and asset-level data management objectives, according to Vision Fleet.

Originally posted on Government Fleet