FCA US has created a new position of safety advocate and appointed Kristen Kreibich to work on "enriching the safety culture," the automaker has announced.

Kreibich brings more than 20 years of manufacturing, regulatory and safety experience to the job.

The position of Safety Advocate is being added to the Vehicle Safety & Regulatory Compliance (VSRC), an organization that was restructured in 2014 to streamline critical decision-making.

Kreibich will be responsible for promoting greater awareness of vehicle and occupant safety internally with FCA US employees and externally with regulators, industry observers and trade associations. In addition to highlighting the company’s safety engineering achievements, she will share her insights about proposed legislation and the evolution of the safety landscape.

In her previous position, Kreibich’s duties included working with organizations such as the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). Kreibich joined FCA in 1995 as a production supervisor.