The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) will begin charging a special monthly tax on trucks, buses, taxis, special hire drivers, and motorcyclists, according to New Vision.

Depending on how heavy the vehicle is and how many seats it has, drivers will be charged between sh40,000 (US$11.72) and 52,000 (US$15.24) each per month, according to the report.

Drivers will have an option to pay the fee monthly, quarterly, or yearly. They will then be given a sticker that must be displayed in a visible area on the vehicle, according to the report.

Those caught without a sticker will have to pay sh100,000 (US$29.30) in fines, plus the cost of storage and towing of the vehicle.

Parliament assented to the Kampala Capital City Commercial Road Users' Regulations back in July of 2015. The new law states that any commercial vehicle in Kampala must have paid for a sticker for operating within or transiting through the city, according to the Daily Monitor.

The KCCA said private cars that are not commercial are currently exempt, according to the report.