Photo courtesy of BMW.

Photo courtesy of BMW.

BMW is showing its i8 Mirrorless concept vehicle with a camera system that replaces conventional vehicle mirrors at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The plug-in hybrid i8 Mirrorless car's camera system uses three cameras to cover larger viewing angles and eliminate blind spots.

Images from the cameras are united on a display, which replaces the interior mirror. Presets for the camera or display are not necessary. The system evaluates camera images and provides a situative response to imminent hazards.

BMW is also showing a gesture control parking feature with its i3 hatchback. The vehicle can recognize gestures, and it drives in and out of a parking space automatically.

Also new to BMW's i3 is the extended rearview mirror that links up mirror and camera technology. The interior mirror view is overlaid with precise images from a camera positioned on the roof of the vehicle, this would provide an extended field of view.