Photo: Cummins

Photo: Cummins

Cummins has received certification for its lineup of on-highway diesel and natural gas engines from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency meeting current and 2017 greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards.

From 2014-2015, Cummins said it improved efficiency on its engines to meet EPA 2016 and GHG 2017 requirements. On-board diagnostics requirements have been met with enhanced monitors designed to ensure that tailpipe emissions stay within EPA limits.

A particulate matter sensor was implemented and electronic controls interact with the diesel exhaust fluid quality sensor implemented by OEMs on DEF tanks.

“Efficiency improvements implemented in the 2016 ISX15 400 hp-to-475 hp ratings will provide customers with fuel economy gains over the 2013 ISX15, ranging from 2.5% on the base engine up to 7.5% with a SmartAdvantage Powertrain with ADEPT (SmartCoast) features,” said Amy Boerger, vice president of sales and support.

Cummins said it plans to incorporate more enhancements to improve performance, reliability and efficiency throughout 2016.

Originally posted on Trucking Info