Al Habtoor Motors the official dealer of Fuso in the UAE has launched the latest fleet of medium and heavy duty trucks that broadens the Fuso range in the UAE. With the addition of this new range Fuso now encompasses the complete range of pay loads from 3 tons to 18 tons in the rigid range and 40 to 49 tons GCW in the Tractor range, according to a report by

The growing industrial activity in the UAE has seen an increased demand for heavy-duty trucks for special applications. The new series fills the gap of niche transportation operations in the different sectors and will enhance Fuso's product presence in the UAE, according to the report.

The new series of vehicles that were launched during the special launch event featured FZ Tractor Head FA Medium Duty Truck Chassis FJ Heavy Duty Tipper and FJ Heavy Duty Truck, according to the report.