Screenshot courtesy of Volvo.

Screenshot courtesy of Volvo.

Volvo has added CarPlay smartphone integration and other applications to its 2016 XC90 luxury SUV that has entered its second generation with a major redesign.

Volvo has implemented CarPlay using its "human tech" design approach that allows the driver or front-seat passenger to use other vehicle and infotainment functions without needing to jump in-and-out of the CarPlay application.

In addition to CarPlay, an available software update includes Pandora, Yelp, and Find Parking applications via the XC90's in-car remote update service. Each application is tailored to the Volvo Sensus environment to provide an interface that minimizes driver distractions through the car’s steering wheel, voice and touchscreen controls, according to Volvo.

Owners will also receive updated HERE navigation maps, real-time traffic information via INRIX and improved speech input and performance.

XC90 owners who took delivery of their vehicle before Nov. 23 can schedule an appointment at their local Volvo retailer to receive a complimentary CarPlay update. Customers receiving their vehicle after that date may purchase CarPlay through their retailers for $300.

Watch a video demo from Volvo here.