Photo: Renault

Photo: Renault

Renault Trucks Algeria has presented the keys of 94 vehicles to Béjaïa Logistique, a subsidiary of the IFRI Group, a provider in the transport and goods handling sector. An additional delivery of 65 vehicles is planned for January 2016, making a total of 159 vehicles from the new range. The acquisition mainly consists of 440 hp Renault Trucks C 4×2 vehicles.

The order mainly consists of Renault Trucks C vehicles to be made available for rental and also used for regional and national haulage, according to the truck maker.

Designed for markets outside Europe, the Renault Trucks C features a reinforced chassis and suspension adapted for the operating conditions found in the countries concerned. At the same time, it offers an “on road” type cab offering all the comfort needed for long-distance transport. The modular aspect of the C makes it possible to meet every kind of need long-distance haulage customers may encounter. This range has been designed to offer users the perfect balance between low fuel consumption, on-board comfort and safety, according to the automaker.

The Renault Trucks C vehicles delivered to Béjaïa Logistique are all equipped with Optidriver automated manual gearboxes, according to the automaker.