Photo via Wikimedia.

Photo via Wikimedia. 

Gasoline prices continue a steady decline now down by 0.6 cents for the week ending Dec. 7, according to federal data. Compared to last year's prices, a gallon of unleaded ($2.053) is down 62.6 cents from $2.679. 

Most regions have seen a fall in gasoline prices, except for the midwest which is up 1.3 cents ($1.89) from Nov. 30 ($1.877), according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The sharpest decline for fuel prices was in the Rocky Mountains, gasoline dropped 3.8 cents to $2.014 per gallon. The Gulf Coast continues to have the lowest average with an 8 cent difference ($1.816). And South Carolina has the lowest price at $1.808 per gallon.

The national average is less than a penny higher than the lowest price reached in 2015, according to AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report. Gasoline prices are expected to continue to fall to less than $2 per gallon, reflecting prices last seen in 2009. 

Among states, Nevada has the highest price of gasoline ($2.78) and California follows with ($2.683).  

While the price of diesel fell 4.2 cents to $2.379 for the week. Diesel prices show a steady decline, mirroring gasoline pricing trends.