Photo courtesy of Flagger Force.

Photo courtesy of Flagger Force.

Flagger Force, a traffic control company serving the Northeast, cut its accident costs by a third after it implemented SmartDrive's video-based safety program, according to a release.

The traffic control company lowered damage costs by 33 percent per mile. The system serves as an integral part of the fleet's safety program aimed at both new hires and existing drivers, according to SmartDrive.

Specifically, Flagger Force uses this safety solution to analyze accidents, exonerate drivers, and serves as a starting point for discussing driver performance. 

SmartDrive allows fleet managers to observe and instruct new drivers to make sure they abide by best practices and collaborate with seasoned employees to reinforce effective habits. 

The video-based safety solution with incident- and manual-triggered video recording, rapid access to captured footage, insightful analytics, and easy-to-use configurable coaching tools, boosts fleet safety and allows for performance discussions with drivers.