Vodacom Nigeria has partnered with Tracker South Africa to launch its fleet management solution in Lagos, Nigeria, according to a release. For a flat monthly charge, companies can equip their fleet with a complete solution based on GSM and GPS technologies and access it from an Internet connection.

The solution comes in two packages, including LiveTrack and TomTom. It allows companies of any size to manage and control in real time the activity of their fleet of vehicles and equipment. The system then creates a report containing the most important information to optimize fleet security.

Features include real-time tracking and monitoring of fleets via a secure customer web portal; location detection of vehicles in need of assistance; instant emergency notification; speed violation; alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined (Geo-fenced) area; and detailed trip reports specifying start and stop times, as well as start and end locations of a company’s entire fleet.

Stolen vehicle recovery is one of the major benefits of the solution, said Abu Etu, Vodacom's senior manager of product portfolio. If an accident occurs, the solution is able to create a detailed report to provide insight into how it happened.

"In the event of your vehicle being stolen or hijacked, our National Emergency Contact Centre is able to locate your vehicle, immobilize it and give a detailed report of its location," Etu said.