Steritech, a pest prevention company that services 60,000 clients worldwide, is partnering with Azuga Fleet,a connected fleet technology provider, to utilize the telematics company's plug-and-play solution.

Azuga said that the technology will allow Steritech to gain data-rich insights into its operations to make informed decisions that improve driving behavior and dramatically cut costs.

"We selected Azuga Fleet because of its highly intuitive, feature-complete, easy-to-use technology that was half the price of competing vendors," said Rich Ennis, CEO of Steritech, which was recently acquired by Rentokil North America. "Immediately upon installation, Azuga's telematics technology and analytics helped identify and reduce driver risk."

The Azuga Fleet solution has been installed in about 1,100 of Steritech's vehicles or 98 percent of the pest control company's fleet.

Azuga Fleet said it has combatted common industry challenges such as unauthorized vehicle use, risky driving and driver inefficiencies with a social approach to telematics. Social telematics, a term and service coined by Azuga Fleet, combines driver visibility, gamification, rewards, and social sharing to bring a refreshing new approach to fleet telematics. Pest control fleets use the social telematics solution to not only effectively track fleet health and activity, but to empower employees through real-time notifications on their mobile device to work safely and efficiently.

“We’re pleased that the combination of our connected vehicle technology and social telematics, which puts drivers at the center, has positively impacted the pest control industry’s fleet operations,” said Ananth Rani, co-founder and president of Azuga. “This industry is historically dominated by command-and-control ‘big brother’ GPS, but many of our pest control fleets have proved that when you take a more driver-centric approach to telematics, improvements begin to happen across the board, driver retention increases and the return on investment becomes effortless.”