Automotive safety supplier Autoliv introduced into the market its Electronic Horizon module, which gathers data to predict what lies ahead beyond the driver’s line of sight.

The production-ready module uses selected road data attributes from a digital map database, GPS and inertial sensors for precise vehicle positioning, and software algorithms. The Electronic Horizon module operates independently from any other onboard system, the company said.

The standalone module, the size of a credit card, is compatible with future vehicle needs including wired and wireless vehicle interfaces with cloud computing for incremental map updates. Autoliv demonstrated some of these advanced features recently at the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress in Bordeaux, France.

“With the active safety systems market segment expanding rapidly, and the impending emergence of automated vehicles, accurate localization and horizon data is essential to providing critical context about the road ahead so that onboard sensors and systems can react appropriately,” said Scott Nist, managing director of GPS/horizon solutions for Autoliv.

The Horizon module is available for development as well as production platforms immediately, the company said.