Photo of Integrated Brake Control system courtesy of ZF TRW.

Photo of Integrated Brake Control system courtesy of ZF TRW.

ZF TRW said it has received the first production contract for the company’s Integrated Brake Control system, which is designed to help meet more demanding requirements for such advanced safety systems as automatic emergency braking and automated driving.

ZF TRW, based in Livonia, Mich., is now the safety technology division of German automotive supplier ZF AG. Before its acquisition earlier this year, ZF TRW was known as TRW Automotive.

A major automaker that ZF TRW didn't name will implement the Integrated Brake Control system in high volume in 2018, ZF TRW said. A single integrated unit, the IBC system replaces the electronic stability control system along with the vacuum booster and associated cables, sensors, switches, electronic controllers and vacuum pumps where they’re required for low or no vacuum configurations.

“The Integrated Brake Control system represents the future of braking technology and helps to satisfy the global industry trends of CO2 efficiency, safety and automated driving,” said Manfred Meyer, vice president of ZF TRW braking systems. “It supports all powertrain configurations and can integrate regenerative braking technology for hybrids and electric vehicles; helps deliver advanced safety in the form of rapid building of brake pressure for high dynamic demands such as automatic emergency braking; and will support the gamut of brake vehicle control and stopping requirements for partially to fully automated driving functions.”