AlertDriving, a global provider of driver risk management, has announced that its channel partnership program, ADvantage, has added Thailand-based RitEducation as its latest partner offering FleetDefense, a fully integrated driver risk management program. AlertDriving said it is now helping to grow businesses in 26 countries.

Thousands of crashes happen every year in Thailand, many from common driving mistakes — speeding, failing to yield, disobeying traffic signals. For more than10 years, RitEducation has worked to reduce the toll of road traffic accidents on both families and businesses. As human error accounts for 90 percent of accidents, the key to prevention, according to RitEducation, is control—over our actions, the vehicle, and, just as important, the space around it.

This starts at the individual level, with students learning what being a good, responsible driver means. Tests are conducted before and after each program to assess retention, and whether students learned to identify risks outside of their control, and those within it, according to the company.

FleetDefense will expand RitEducation’s reach across Thailand with an assessment-based approach to learning, according to AlertDriving.

“The result is a cost-effective, fully integrated driver risk management program that combines identification, mitigation and monitoring into one simple platform so fleets in Thailand can target risk in real-time, with real results,” said Rob Martin, vice president of Sales at AlertDriving.