Aeris, an Internet of Things technology provider based on Santa Clara, Calif., has partnered with Isotrak Ltd., a United Kingdom-based fleet management software and telematics vendor, to provide improved cellular connectivity and data analytics for Isotrak customers in the U.S. and other global markets.

By leveraging Aeris' machine-optimized and patented AerCore IoT and M2M network, AerPort connectivity platform and AerVoyance IoT and M2M analytics platform, Isotrak has added advanced capabilities to its recently announced 3iS FleetVision solution, a part of its real-time ATMSi (Active Transport Management System) fleet management system, according to the companies.

Isotrak can now provide a unique solution for its customers using business intelligence data to provide retailers and manufacturers with a total vision of their transportation ecosystem, including their own fleets and third-party suppliers.

The collaboration between Aeris and Isotrak will provide customers with a reliable mobile network optimized to meet the demands that IoT and M2M solutions for fleet management creates, while providing actionable visibility and measurement into the performance of vehicles and drivers through data analytics.

Isotrak's integrated supply-chain solutions depend on accessing near real-time data with robust alerting and reporting capabilities, which Aeris is able to deliver through its carrier-agnostic network, according to the companies. Aeris supports global cellular technology standards, such as GSM, CDMA, and LTE.