Soki, Chile’s first electric car, with room for two people and a 37-mile range between charges, will be introduced with a US$12,000 price tag, according to a report by The Costa Rica Star.

Soki, a word that means “two” in an Indian language from Chilean Patagonia, was developed in about eight months by VoZe EV, according to the report.

The vehicle has a 10-horsepower electric engine, steering wheel, ignition key, and a 4.2-kilowatt battery that recharges in just three hours, according to the report.

Soki combines the advantages of three means of transportation: a bicycle’s economy and sustainability; a motorcycle’s agility; and a car’s comfort, according to the report.

The electric car’s development was supported by the Production Promotion Corporation through its Business Program for Technological Innovation, which helps fund projects for the development or improvement of new products and market innovations, according to the report.

At Soki’s unveiling, the designers said they were still improving some features and delivery of the first limited production run of 10 units was scheduled for March 2016, according to the report.