Indian truck manufacturer Tata Motors has launched its next-generation range of ULTRA light and intermediate commercial vehicles, with partners Nitol Motors Limited, in Bangladesh.

The Tata ULTRA can be built for varied load carrying, apt for several applications, thus meeting varied end-user requirements. A combination of increased productivity and longer life makes the ULTRA range an indispensable asset – be it to large captive users, transporters or owner-drivers who operate fleets of various sizes, catering to customers with payloads ranging 7 to 16 tons and engine capacities from 120 hp to 170 hp, In Bangladesh, Tata Motors said it will introduce the ULTRA 812 and ULTRA 912 in the Cargo segment.

“The launch of Tata Motors ULTRA range of trucks, is an important milestone in our’ continued expansion in Bangladesh and the SAARC region, offering customers with a next-generation trucking solution, shaped by technology and expertise with global standards of power, durability, payload and safety. With this launch we hope to consolidate our position as market leaders here, and will continue to introduce a series of new offerings in the truck and bus space going forward, offering the Bangladeshi customer with a wide selection of offerings from the Tata Motors stable,” said Rudrarup Maitra, head, Commercial Vehicles Business Unit, International Business, Tata Motors.

The driveline of the ULTRA 812 and 912 is equipped with the TATA 497 TCIC engine, with an output of 125 hp, a new-generation transmission with aluminum casing – the G-550 overdrive gear box, with seven gears, with cable-shift mechanism and axle technology, with reduced weight, for superior performance and greater fuel efficiency for varied payloads, according to the company.

The new generation cabins of the Tata ULTRA offers completely new stylized interiors, with a focus on driver comfort and safety. Besides the mechanics of the vehicle, the uniqueness of the Tata ULTRA is that its cockpit is both functional and attractive, with a separation in terms of the drivers working and living area. The dashboard offers features, including Driving Economy Indicator, Clutch and Brake Life Indicator and Water in Fuel Indicator, which helps reduce operational cost and greater uptime of the vehicle. The gear lever is dashboard mounted. The cabin has ample amount of space for the occupant, including reclining seats with arm rests for added comfort, an adjustable steering system, for best possible control in all conditions and provisions for the fitment of various accessories including a music system, air conditioning and Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, according to the company.

Tata Motors, recently also launched another initiative for its commercial vehicle business called TATA GENUINE PARTS (TGP) selling genuine spares in pilfer proof packaging. TGP offers a longer life and reliable performance to owners of single trucks and fleets as its parts are made of superior quality material and conform to OE (Original Equipment) specifications. Not only is every part designed as per the exact vehicle specifications, but also has to pass multiple quality control checks. Every TGP is packaged and branded to ensure customers get the right quality part, also enabling them to identity with the package, according to the company.