<p><em>Photo of A8 L Security courtesy of Audi.</em></p>

Audi has made several enhancements to its A8 L Security sedan to make the vehicle lighter while certifying it to the more stringent European standards for ballistic protection.

Described as "the most secure Audi ever," the A8 L Security features an upgraded safety cell that integrates extremely resistant materials such as aramide fabric, special aluminum alloys and a hot-formed steel armor that offers even more protection despite its lower weight.

Audi has also tested the vehicle for resistance to explosive charges in accordance with the ERV 2010 guideline. The car is built at a secret factory in a partnership with Audi's Neckarsulm plant.

Standard security features include an armored communication box in the luggage compartment, an intercom for communication with the outside world and selective door unlocking. Upon request, Audi can add its patented emergency exit system, a fire extinguishing system and an emergency fresh air system.

The vehicle can handle a payload of up to 1,322.8 pounds (600 kilograms). It offers two engine choices, including a 4.0 TFSI bi-turbo V-8 that makes 435 hp and 442.5 lb.-ft. of torque or a naturally aspirated W 12 FSI that makes 500 hp and 461 ft.-lb. of torque. Top speed is governed at 130.5 mph.

Deliveries of the vehicle will begin in the spring of 2016.