Photo of Jeep Renegade courtesy of FCA US.

Photo of Jeep Renegade courtesy of FCA US.

FCA US is recalling 7,810 Jeep Renegades in the 2015 model year because radio software vulnerabilities place some networked vehicle control systems at a higher risk for hacking, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

As a result, unauthorized hackers could potentially seize control of, or modify, certain vehicle systems, NHTSA said. The Renegades at issue were manufactured from Sept. 18, 2014, to June 25 of this year. The model, a new compact SUV, went on sale at the end of March.

Renegade owners will be mailed a USB drive that includes a software update to eliminate the vulnerability. There will be no charge for the software.

Owners also have the options of either downloading the update to their own USB drive from an FCA US website (click here) or taking their vehicle to a dealer for immediate installation.

FCA US has directed the wireless service provider to close the vehicle’s open cellular connection that provided unauthorized vehicle network access. But this measure may not have been implemented on all vehicles and doesn’t address access by other means, NHTSA said. The software update addresses such additional means.

Vehicle owners can reach FCA US (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) customer service at (800) 853-1403. The automaker’s number for this recall is R45.