Photo courtesy of SCE.

Photo courtesy of SCE.

Southern California Edison’s (SCE) has re-introduced its Electric Vehicle Rate Assistant mobile app, the electric utility announced.

The app allows SCE customers looking to switch from gasoline to electric vehicles (EVs) to compare the annual cost of charging an EV at existing rates, and it also compares those rates to how much the customer is currently paying at the pump, according to SCE.

The newly redesigned Electric Vehicle Rate Assistant also now incorporates a new Time-of-Use rate, which was designed with EV charging in mind. Many residential EV customers could lower their utility bills by switching to the new rate, SCE added

Users enter data such as their daily kilowatt-hour usage, type of EV they are planning to drive, miles per year driven, current per-gallon gasoline cost, and current vehicle’s miles per gallon.

Once the data has been entered, the app compares the annual cost of charging the vehicle based on three SCE rates: the new Residential Time-of-Use Plan (TOU-D), which uses a single meter for the entire home, including EV charging; the EV Plan (TOU-EV-1), which  requires a second meter and panel, installed at the customer’s expense, to measure the energy used to charge an EV separately from the rest of the home; and Residential Plan (Schedule D), which uses a single meter for the entire home, including EV charging.