Hyundai Motor America has brought back Derrick Hatami to lead its U.S. sales efforts as its vice president for national sales. Hatami had left Hyundai in January to become Nissan's U.S. sales chief.

In a related move, Nissan North America has promoted Dan Mohnke to vice president for U.S. sales and marketing operations to fill the role vacated by Hatami. Mohnke, formerly Nissan's chief marketing officer, will also oversee fleet sales for Nissan.

In his role at Hyundai, Hatami will report to CEO Dave Zuchowski. Hatami replaces Bob Pradzinski, who departed abruptly as head of U.S. sales in late August. Pradzinski had held that role since January.

Hatami will be responsible for sales and distribution, franchised dealer relations, market representation, sales strategies, and related activities. The five Hyundai sales regions will report to Hatami.

Hatami will officially join Hyundai on Sept. 4.

Prior to his role as Nissan's vice president of U.S. sales, Hatami served as general manager for Hyundai's Western region.

"Derrick's strategic outlook, vision, planning experience and commitment to dealers makes him a perfect fit to lead our sales operation," Zuchowski said in a statement. "Along with his strategic strengths he has proven skills in operations and is known for his dedication to achieving outstanding results. He set sales records with us and in his former position and we look forward to him continuing that run at Hyundai."