Professional service technicians will have full time coverage for full time productivity with a Snap-on software subscription. This automatic subscription program delivers updated diagnostic data for late-model and older vehicles for a low overall cost with monthly payments.

“A Snap-on software subscription is an easy, low-cost way for shops and technicians to obtain their new software upgrades, like Software Upgrade 15.2, to keep their diagnostic tools continuously updated,” said Leian Wunderlich, subscription program manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “Not only will technicians have the coverage they need to complete jobs accurately and efficiently, but it also increases the value of their tool should they ever decide to trade up.”

Available for the VERUS-family products, VERDICT-family products, MODIS Ultra, SOLUS Edge, SOLUS Ultra, SOLUS PRO and ETHOS+, the software subscription program includes thousands of new vehicle systems, trouble codes, live data parameters, experienced-based troubleshooter tips, functional tests and adaptations.

Benefits to the software subscription program include:

  • Continuous coverage
  • SureTrack
  • Auto-ID, One Touch Code Scan and Clear All Codes features
  • Navigation enhancements for fast access to results
  • New model year coverage and expanded coverage back to 1992
  • Coverage from all previous software upgrades
  • Subscription Update Manager

Available exclusively to software subscription program members, the subscription update manager feature notifies subscribers of new software upgrades as they become available, guaranteeing they have complete coverage on demand. Subscribers may download and install the latest upgrade at their convenience.

The subscription program also includes the SureTrack online resource of expert knowledge, diagnostic experience and parts replacement records from millions of successful repair orders. Eligible platforms include VERUS-family products, VERDICT-family products, MODIS Ultra and SOLUS Edge.

SureTrack features Real Fixes that show problems solved in a straightforward complaint, cause, correction format, as well as verified parts replacement records that provide the most common repairs used to fix fault codes and vehicles similar to the one in their bay. With an eligible tool and SureTrack, technicians diagnose the problem, verify the failed part with confidence and complete the repair fast, saving valuable time, while increasing profits.

“We have paired the SureTrack expert resource with our subscription program to give shops and technicians the deepest and broadest diagnostics vehicle coverage and access to real-time repair intelligence, all for the same price they’d pay for just the repair database from the competitor,” said Wunderlich. “Save money each month, plus get software and real-time repair data – it’s the very best value in the market.”

For users of Snap-on’s optional European diagnostic software coverage, the software subscription service also includes regular European upgrades.