Photo courtesy of Ford.

Photo courtesy of Ford.

Sales of vehicles from nine manufacturers to commercial fleets fell 3.5 percent to 44,303 units in July mostly due to a slide in sales of trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Truck sales continue to drive the volume of fleet sales, but fell 9.1 percent to 41,241 units in the month compared to July of 2014. Car sales increased 45.4 percent to 6,804 units during the month.

Van sales remained stout in July, especially with Ford's Transit van, which was introduced a year ago and continues to build momentum. Ford sold 65,668 Transit vans in July, including 43,948 cargo vans, 20,517 passenger wagons, and 1,203 Transit chassis cabs and cutaways.

Ford continues to sell E-Series vans. Ford discontinued its E-Series cargo and passenger wagon vans in 2014, but continues to offer E-450 and E-550 cab chassis, cutaway, and stripped chassis models for upfitting as ambulances, school buses, and larger shuttles. In July, Ford sold 31,225 E-Series units.

Fleet sales remain positive for the calendar year to date, as sales to fleets increased 2.5 percent to 370,173, according to Automotive Fleet data. Through July, truck sales were flat with a 0.6-percent increase to 305,702, while car sales have increased 13.1 percent to 55,472.