Photo courtesy of Circontrol.

Photo courtesy of Circontrol.

Seven city councils in West Australia have financed 12 charging stations between Perth and Augusta to create the country’s first "electric highway," according to Circontrol.

The highway, which is being promoted by the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, allows electric vehicle owners to travel the 310-kilometer distance between Perth and Augusta without worrying about range. The 12 Circontrol charging stations will be free to use until the end of 2015, according to the manufacturer.

The quick charging stations are compatible with the three existing models (TRIO) using AC and CC combining the charge through CHAdeMo (CC 50kW), Combo 2 (CC 50kW), and AC 43 kW, according to Circontrol.

The goal of this project is to promote the use of sustainable and environmentally respectful electric cars, according to Circontrol.