A major road rehabilitation program in Senegal called the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) has appointed Louis Berger to lead and implement its third phase, earning the group nearly $9.4 million for consultation services since the project began in 2010.

The third phase involves building the Abdoul Diallo Bridge, which is apart of 156-mile long road on National Highway 6 that will link certain cities to the east and west of the country.

This bridge will increase local farmers’ access to domestic and international markets and stimulate Senegal’s socioeconomic development, according to Pascal Houdeau, the deputy general manager of operations for west and east Africa.

The Millenium Challenge Account aims to reduce poverty by developing a strong institutional framework, and is funded for $540 million by the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Berger has worked in the country for over two decades on projects to develop social community infrastructure, including services in transport, water, and agriculture.