A new report from a Pennsylvania energy trade group examines the opportunities and bottlenecks for natural gas and propane autogas as a transportation fuel in that state.

The Shale Gas Innovation and Commercialization center commissioned the study, which concluded that local fleet operators should consider switching their fleet to alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas, liquified natural gas, or propane. It listed cheaper fueling costs, a growing number of fueling stations every month, and possible grants as reasons for making the switch.

Transit agencies and large fleets across the state are converting from gasoline to natural gas or propane, according to the study. However, the study also states that benefits from switching to alternative fuels are not limited to larger fleets, small fleets can see benefits from converting as well.

The study advises fleet owners making that switch to ensure their vehicle engines are U.S. Environment Protection Agency certified or compliant in order to ensure safety.