Spartan Motors presented 21 new custom pumpers to the state of São Paulo in Brazil during a ceremony attended by Gov. Geraldo Alckmin and other officials, according to the company.

Funding for the vehicles was made possible through a public tender awarded to Spartan Emergency Response.

Spartan Emergency Response first announced São Paulo's pumper order on Sept. 16, 2014, and custom builds began shortly thereafter. The apparatus were then inspected by the São Paulo Fire Department on April 23 at Spartan’s Charlotte, Mich., manufacturing campus, where the apparatus were built. The order of 21 custom pumpers were delivered to São Paulo prior to the Day of the Firefighter, which took place on June 28.

Spartan designed the vehicles by taking into account the region's particulars that include water scarcity and low water pressure in some parts of the state. Spartan engineers worked closely with the São Paulo Fire Department, and provided foam-based fire suppression capabilities that mitigate the reliance on water.