Cuba is planning to purchase a fleet of 719 fuel cars to support its tourism business from Chinese leading automaker BYD Company Limited, the company has announced.

Vehicles in this fleet include BYD models, such as the Suri, L3 and G6 sedans as well as the S6 SUV, and M6 MPV.

The project is a milestone in the economic cooperation between Shenzhen and Havana, with another auto brand successfully entering the Cuban market, according to Zu Qin, the mayor of Shenzen.

BYD entered the Cuban market in 2014 and is Cuba’s second Chinese passenger car supplier. In November, BYD debuted its F3 sedan and S6 SUV at the Havana International Expo, where its S6 model won the Exhibition’s Design award.

The vehicles are expected to expand past its role in tourism development and enter the market for government official vehicles and the private car market.