PARS has launched a new online customer portal that provides a secure gateway that features more real-time data, fleet management tools, and reports that address the increased complexity of fleet vehicle transport projects.

"Today's fleet manager needs the ability to combine vehicle transport with any number of adjunct services, such as storage, license and titling, body repair or maintenance," said Lori Rasmussen, president of PARS. "Our new system integrates Big Data collection, expands reports and offers greater management control."

Leveraging the state-of-the-art capabilities of a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics suite of business solutions, PARS new portal provides personalized, proactive, and predictive experiences to its customers while integrating with customers' vehicle management/transportation systems, according to the company.

The key features of the new portal include easy creation of quotes and orders; flexible searching by order, VIN, fleet/unit number; address and VIN verifications; dashboard summarizing order and vehicle status; full history of orders, contacts, and vehicles; automatic storage location assignment; easy to interpret status indicator for each order; and picture and contact info for an assigned PARS specialist.

Customers can access the new portal through a LOGIN button on the company's website.