The Toyota Mobility Foundation is launching its second program to address emerging transportation issues in Da Nang, Vietnam, a mid-size city that is adapting to rapid population and economic growth.

The program is a partnership with the Da Nang city government and aims to introduce a sustainable transportation system that includes establishing a community bus service, a park and ride program, and promoting shuttle buses.

It will take about three years and $2.9 million to complete, according to Toyota. Da Nang is one of the major port cities in Vietnam and is a part of the East-West Economic Corridor, an economic development program that promotes development and integration in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Toyota Mobility Foundation’s first program was located in Bangkok, Thailand. Both programs are working toward enabling “more people around the globe to move safely, efficiently and enjoyably,” according to Toyota’s press release.  

The foundation was established in August 2014 and partners with non-profits, research institutions and other organizations to apply safety and environmental expertise to mobility issues around the world.