LoJack Corporation has surpassed 10,000 subscriptions to provide subscribers with a range of telematics services for construction equipment, fleet vehicles and inventory management for dealerships.

The majority of these subscriptions are in the field, and the balance will roll out in the coming months, according to a LoJack release.

The company offers a trio of telematics products and solutions including LoJack Connect for Equipment, LoJack Connect for Equipment, and LoJack IM1 Inventory Management System.

LoJack Connect for Equipment is a ruggedized solution for fleets of construction equipment. LoJack Connect for Equipment allows business owners to precisely track equipment utilization, use real-time and historical data to improve operational efficiencies and asset management, remotely optimize fleet operations and streamline processes.

LoJack Connect for Equipmentis for "Main Street" fleets. LoJack delivers advanced solutions that help businesses grow and streamline their operations. The recently announced integration with Intuit's QuickBase with the power of the LoJack Fleet Management platform gives LoJack Fleet Management customers the data, tools and insights to improve efficiencies from lead generation to project completion throughout their on-road fleet of vehicles.

LoJack IM1 Inventory Management System is for dealers. The technology enables dealership personnel through tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, to verify vehicle location, quickly access relevant vehicle information, track test drives and receive early-warning alerts if a vehicle is moved from a geo-fenced location. Currently in pilot phase, LoJack IM1 customers can see streamlined processes that can result in a more efficient dealership and better overall customer service.