Brock, Texas ampTrillium Station  Photo: Trillium CNG

Brock, Texas ampTrillium Station Photo: Trillium CNG

Two new public-access compressed natural gas stations have been opened in Texas by amp Trillium, a joint venture between ampCNG and Trillium CNG.

The new locations will be in Brock and Kerrville, Texas. The two locations were chosen to service the Interstate 20 and Interstate 10 trucking corridors. Together ampCNG and Trillium CNG now operate seven CNG stations across Texas and 19 stations in the country.

The new stations are capable of fueling three Class 8 trucks simultaneously and will primarily service CNG trucks in the dairy hauling industry. The Brock station is located near the intersection of Interstate 20 and farm-to-market road 1189. The station in Kerrville is located off of Interstate 10 at 3050 Fredericksburg North.

Both stations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Since September 2014, the number of natural gas fueling stations in Texas has increased by 25%,” said Donna Rolf, president of ampCNG. “We’re working hard to enable the use of CNG throughout Texas and are excited to have come one step closer with the opening of these new stations in Brock and Kerrville.”

Originally posted on Trucking Info