For Hino Australia, matching an Allison 2500 fully automatic transmission to its J07E-TN engine has enabled FE models to do the work of larger vehicles, while also offering greater accessibility to a wide range of drivers.

All Allison Automatics feature the latest 5th Generation Electronic Controls, with architecture built around the advantages of a converter that multiplies available torque and maximizes efficiency. Lock up technology also adds to efficiency and productivity advantages, while Allison’s Continuous Power Technology allows for uninterrupted power to the drive wheels, according to the company.

The 500 Series FE 1426 Auto has a 14-ton gross vehicle weight and is able to carry payloads previously reserved for larger vehicles in a more agile and economic package. Hino models equipped with an Allison 2500 feature a patented torque converter with a stall ratio of 1.58:1 which effectively increases launch torque by over 50 percent. This ensures that the Hino can use a relatively high first gear ratio of 3.5:1 (compared with the manual transmission first gear ratio of 6.5:1) allowing closer ratios up to the overdrive 0.74:1 fifth gear, according to the company.

Hino said it chose the Allison transmission because it met stringent quality, durability and reliability requirements, while delivering a smooth, user-friendly driver experience and the ability to maintain optimum engine speeds for increased efficiency. Steve Lotter, chairman and CEO of Hino Australia said the launch of the 500 Series FE 1426 Auto demonstrates Hino’s commitment to offering increased product choices and is an important part of the brand’s push toward more automatic transmission models.

“The market has been demanding more ‘two pedal’ options in light- and medium-duty truck lines, and Hino has responded with an increased number of automatic transmission choices,” said Lotter. “The 500 Series FE Auto brings a very well-rounded package to the market and allows fleets access to a larger pool of drivers. It also has the potential to reduce maintenance costs that may be incurred with drivers who are less experienced with manuals.”

Available in a single-cab configuration with short, medium, long, and extra-long wheelbases (from 3,750 mm to 5,500 mm), all are equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions, vastly increasing the vocational potential of these trucks from refuse and street sweeping to distribution and logistics. Hino and Allison have calibrated the shift points to cater to a wide array of vocational applications by delivering maximum drivability and efficiency across the entire operating spectrum.

“The 500 Series FE Auto is what we would like to call a ‘smart truck,’ as it is capable of carrying payloads usually reserved for our FG and GH models, but in a lighter, more nimble and cost-effective package,” said Lotter. “We believe it is the right truck for this sector of the Australian truck market, and we expect it to do great things for Hino and our customers.”