VNG.Co, LLC has added compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling at a Valero-branded gasoline station located at 3411 Antoine Drive in Houston and a Shell-branded gasoline station at 12977 Trinity Blvd. in Euless, outside of Dallas.

Both stations feature a full-service convenience store, and the Shell station offers a Subway restaurant as well. To mark the occasion, both locations will offer CNG by VNG for a limited-time promotional price of 99 cents per GGE (gasoline gallon equivalent), according to the company.

VNG's Texas facilities are part of a multiple-city fueling station development program in major U.S. markets to make CNG as convenient as gasoline for drivers of light-duty vehicles such as pickup trucks, vans and passenger cars used by fleets and consumers. VNG plans to open additional retail CNG facilities in the Houston and Dallas metro areas this year. VNG's facilities offer fill times comparable to gasoline and the amenities drivers are accustomed to when purchasing fuel, including convenience stores, fast food options, and clean restrooms, according to the company.

The station construction projects were funded in part by the state of Texas through an Alternative Fueling Facilities Program Grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Light-duty vehicles are responsible for as much as 75% of transportation emissions and VNG's stations give average drivers a convenient, comfortable way to transition to CNG fueling. In addition to helping reduce emissions, each facility can dispense up to 1 million GGEs annually, providing an important source of future demand for the Texas gas industry and helping to sustain Texas' robust energy economy.