The Liquid Autogas Consortium has been launched to increase propane autogas use among fleets in North America. Founding members of the consortium include Icom North America, LLC, a manufacturer of propane autogas vehicle technologies, and Imega International USA, a developer of alternative fuel systems.

Fleets are invited to join the consortium at no cost. Propane fuel supply partners, propane equipment manufacturers, OEM propane vehicle manufacturers and dealers (including small engine), and propane vehicle installation and service centers are invited to join on a modest fee basis.

The consortium's major objectives are to Increase the number of propane autogas vehicles, whether OEM or Installations, and provide the consortium's Propane Fueling Partners with the tools to increase gallons, according to Icom.

The Liquid Autogas Consortium will provide a number of services for fleets, including education about the benefits of propane autogas; training; quality EPA-approved propane systems for vehicles; financing; vehicle service; vehicle dealer support; propane fueling stations; small propane engine systems; and support and fuel pricing through the consortium's partners.