Donlen's vice president of strategic consulting, analytics and sustainability will lead the "Alternative Fuels & Fuel Technologies" forum at the AFLA Mid-Year Forum on April 30 in Chicago.

Amy Blaine brings over 20 years of consulting experience helping companies make data driven decisions and balancing multiple goals such as profit and sustainability. During the session, Blaine will discuss the reasons why fleets choose to implement alternative fuels, the impact of recent fuel prices on alternative fuel implementations, the alternative fuel vehicle outlook, and the resources available to help with sustainability and environmental goals.

"The alternative fuel market is diverse and still developing, so understanding the various alternative fuel options that would work for your fleet might seem like a daunting task," said Blaine. "The key for success is to understand key differentiators, recognizing what changing fuel prices mean in the long run and relating your alternative fuel plan to your company's objectives. During our session, we will look at different options so fleets can be well informed and make strategic decisions. The mid-year forum is a highly engaging platform to help fleet professionals succeed."

AFLA mid-year forums are one-day educational seminars open to AFLA fleet professionals. Attendees will learn about alternative fuels, telematics, driver safety, and time management skills.