Telematics vendor Spireon Inc.'s chief information officer, Sam Balooch, will receive the 2015 Excellence in Executive Leadership award from the Center for Leadership at California State University Fullerton in the category of Cultural Change, the company announced.

Balooch will be presented with the award at The Center for Leadership's fourth annual awards luncheon on May 1 in Newport Beach, Calif.

Spireon CEO Marc Brungger nominated Balooch for the leadership award. In the awards application, Brungger praised Balooch for his contributions in expanding and motivating the Spireon team to achieve the company's ambitious goals.

"Sam has broken down internal silos and helped create a collaborative, cross-functional team that communicates well and has provided the foundation for Spireon's short-term growth and long-term stability," Brungger said.

When Balooch joined Spireon in 2013, Brungger gave him the challenge to ensure that customers and employees remain connected to their data through reliable, high-speed, secure, scalable and flexible technology platforms and services.

Balooch embraced the challenge, building a strong team that has transformed the company's infrastructure into a robust, stable platform over which Spireon offers its services, according to the company. Service disruptions have been mostly eliminated. In the fall of 2014, Spireon offered its customers a 99.9-percent service uptime guarantee for its NSpire platform.

The Center for Leadership offers programs that enhance undergraduate, graduate, professional and executive audiences. The center features a strong executive representation on its advisory board with partners and principals from leading companies with headquarters in Southern California.