Crosspoint Kinetics continues to grow its distribution channel with the onboarding of two additional distributors to sell the Kinetics Hybrid. Both firms specialize in helping clients acquire and "green" work trucks.

In the Chicago area, TGEP (The Green Electric Project) is centrally located in the busy transportation and logistics corridor of Crest Hill, Ill. It is also able to help commercial fleets obtain Drive Clean Chicago vouchers, which could pay for more than 80 percent of the cost of a Kinetics Hybrid, according to Crosspoint Kinetics.

Allegiant Partners, owners of Work Truck Direct and Step Van Direct, sells and finances step vans and work trucks throughout the country from its California offices. The company, most noted for its sourcing, financing and leasing of FedEx Ground and FedEx Home delivery for contractors nationwide, is extending its offering to exclusively include the Kinetics Hybrid. For fleets looking to pay as they save, Allegiant can also finance the purchase of the hybrid systems for installation on new or recently new trucks, buses, and delivery vans, according to Crosspoint Kinetics.

"Clients are asking for proven solutions that can help them run their fleets more efficiently and economically," said Allegiant Partners VP Business Development Mike Helder. "Because it is easy to bolt-on and easy to use, the Kinetics Hybrid is a logical choice for fleet managers of step vans and work trucks looking to substantially cut fuel costs."

The Kinetics Hybrid, a parallel electric hybrid system, makes Class 3-7 delivery vans and work trucks more fuel-efficient and cleaner running. The system captures kinetic energy while slowing and braking, transforms energy into electricity that is stored in long-life ultra-capacitors, and reuses that energy as incremental power to launch and accelerate the vehicle.

Users have reported up to 30 percent more miles per gallon and a comparable reduction in emissions when the hybrid is used in heavy start/stop duty cycles, according to Crosspoint Kinetics.

"Our distributors are on the front lines with fleet owners and managers everyday so truly they understand their goals and challenges," said Amy Dobrikova, VP of strategy & business development for Crosspoint Kinetics. "TGEP and Allegiant are great ambassadors for our system and will allow more fleets to see just what the Kinetics Hybrid can do for them."

Originally posted on Work Truck Online