Photo of 2015 CLS-Class courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA.

Photo of 2015 CLS-Class courtesy of Mercedes-Benz USA.

Mercedes-Benz USA is recalling 33,180 CLS-Class and C-Class sedans as part of two separate recalls – one involving fuel delivery modules, the other involving taillights.

The largest of the two recalls covers 30,141 2015 model-year CLS 400 and CLS 400 4matic, 2012-2015 CLS 550 and CLS 550 4matic, 2012-2013 CLS 63, 2014 CLS 63, and 2014-2015 CLS 63P vehicles. Their LED taillights may not light on the sides, reducing the rear-side visibility of the cars, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported. As a result, they don’t comply with all federal safety standards.

To fix the problem, Mercedes-Benz dealers will update the lighting controller software. There will be no charge for this service. The automaker’s number for this recall is 2015030005.

The second recall involves 3,039 2015 C300 4matic and C400 4matic vehicles manufactured from April 7, 2014, to July 25, 2014. In these vehicles, the fuel delivery module may be improperly secured to the fuel tank. Also, electrical wires that connect to the fuel delivery module might have been pinched between the flange of the module and the tank, NHTSA said.

The locking plate, if it isn’t properly secured to the fuel delivery module, may become loose and leak fuel. This poses a fire risk. Additionally, if the electrical wires are pinched, the fuel pump may stop working and result in vehicle stalling.

Dealers will inspect the vehicles and make the proper repairs, free of charge. The number for this recall is 2015030004.

Vehicle owners can reach Mercedes-Benz USA at (800) 367-6372.