Image via Crosspoint Kinetics

Image via Crosspoint Kinetics

Crosspoint Kinetics announced that its Kinetics Hybrid system will fit many class 3-7 trucks including the Isuzu Reach platform, Ford E-350, Ram 5500, Chevrolet 4500 and several others.

The Kinetics Hybrid system bolts onto new or existing powertrains to add hybrid fuel efficiency. Installing Kinetics Hybrid technology involves bolting on a parallel electric hybrid system to a vehicle’s driveline to capture kinetic energy while slowing and braking. The captured energy is stored in ultra-capacitors after being converted to electricity. The stored power is then used to launch and accelerate a vehicle.

The system has undergone testing through the FTA at Altoona, CALSTART and Cummins, according to Crosspoint Kinetics. Any vehicle that is front engine, rear-wheel drive with a wheelbase of at least 158 inches is compatible with the Kinetics Hybrid system.

 “That makes the Kinetics Hybrid a more versatile system for fleets that lease, run multiple models or that want to move the hybrid from one vehicle to another based on when they retire their vehicles,” said Amy Dobrikova, vice president of business development and strategy at Crosspoint Kinetics.

Fleet owners can purchase the system directly from Crosspoint Kinetics or through the company’s distributors such as ARBOC, Champion, Glaval, Goshen, Morgan Olson, and Utilimaster.

For more information on the Kinetics Hybrid system, click here

The Kinetics Hybrid fits on the following platforms:

  • Chevy 4500 "G"
  • Ford E-350
  • Ford E-450
  • Ford F-350
  • Ford F-450
  • Spartan class 3-4
  • Bluebird class 6-7
  • Chevy 4500 Class 5
  • Dodge 5500
  • GMC class 5-7
  • Ford F-59 chassis
  • Ford F-550
  • Ford F-650
  • Ford F-750
  • Freightliner class 5-7
  • International class 5-7
  • Spartan class 5-7
  • Thomas class 5-7
  • Workhorse chassis, class 5-7
  • Isuzu Reach
  • And more

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