VIDEO: Tougher Distracted Driving Bill Passes Wash. Senate

The Washington Senate on March 10 passed a bill aimed at updating the state’s restrictions on handheld mobile phone use while driving.

A state law passed in 2007 already bans driver handheld phone use for phone calls and texting. The new bill would extend that handheld phone ban to include such popular smartphone functions as checking social media, reading website content and using a GPS navigation app.

Opponents of the bill argued that the proposed restrictions would further infringe on drivers’ personal liberties and unfairly target technology, the Seattle Times reported. Drivers can also be distracted while engaging in such activities as eating or fiddling with the radio, some senators pointed out.

But bill supporters stressed the dangers of distracted driving. The bill passed on a 35-14 vote and moved on to the House for consideration. To view a video report on the bill, click on the photo or link above.