Photo of Honda Accord courtesy of Honda.

Photo of Honda Accord courtesy of Honda.

Honda is recalling 137 2014-2015 model-year Accord 4-cylinder cars and 2015-MY CR-V SUVs in the U.S. because of potential engine problems, the automaker said.

Dealers will replace the engine short block, free of charge, to remedy the issues.

During engine assembly, an automated system that verifies engine connecting rod bolt torque may have failed to identify improperly torqued bolts in a specific group of engines. As a result, an improperly torqued connecting rod bolt might come loose, leading to potential engine damage and stalling, Honda said.

Though this condition poses a safety risk, no related crashes or injuries have been reported. Honda discovered the problem through a warranty claim review process, the automaker said.

The recall will get under way later this month. Honda encourages affected vehicle owners to take the car to an authorized dealer soon after receiving recall notification by mail. For more information, vehicle owners can click here or call (800) 999-1009, option 4.