Municipal solid waste is being converted into fuel for vehicles in the UAE, minimizing carbon emission from fossil fuels and the negative environmental impact of waste, according to a report by

Waste management company Imdaad started using biofuel in six trucks and its entire fleet of 100 trucks will run on biofuel by the end of this year.

This is part of a wider waste-to-energy (WTE) project, the latest concept in sustainable practice to treat municipal solid waste, according to the report. The UAE is one of the world’s largest per capita producers of waste. The average annual per capita household waste for Dubai and Abu Dhabi stands at 725 and 730 kilograms respectively.

The UAE plans to produce biodiesel by processing and reusing waste cooking oil as a sustainable energy solution that can contribute to the country’s renewable energy generation targets. The production of biomethane that can fuel vehicles from greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted from landfills is also being eyed, according to the report.