AlertDriving has launched a strategic partnership with KBC Health & Safety, which is used by businesses across Southern Africa, to deliver a customized and benchmarked safety, health and environment (SHE) program.

Now an AlertDriving ADvantage partner, KBC Health & Safety will gain enhanced channel support to help fleets coordinate safety and compliance through FleetDefense, a driver risk management platform, according to the company.

South Africa’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHA), still leaves millions of workers unprotected, according to AlertDriving. The problem, workplace health and wellness experts say, is lack of enforcement: Many businesses do not have standardized benchmarking to track compliance, so, the solutions that KBC Health & Safety develops for clients — from surface to underground — all allow for a single standard.

Of course, contractor risks vary widely among divisions and sites; KBC Health & Safety works with companies to define key safety benchmarks across a range of job responsibilities. Then, aligning these benchmarks to a common single standard, KBC Health & Safety provides systems to track compliance, such as Contractor Passport. A reciprocity system, it logs training requirements and relevant documentation onto individual “PASSPORT” cards, which employees present at safety checkpoints to enter job sites.

As CAT, BHP, and Vodacom currently use the system, KBC Health & Safety, an AlertDriving partner, can now expand to monitor risk in fleets across Southern Africa.

“FleetDefense focuses on improving compliance through consistent, test-enhanced learning,” explained Rob Martin, vice president of Sales at AlertDriving. “Since our training is localized for over 90 percent of the world, KBC Health & Safety can now support fleets’ SHE initiatives with objective, behavior-based tools to monitor compliance—all from one location.”