Photo courtesy of Crosspoint Kinetics

Photo courtesy of Crosspoint Kinetics

Morgan Olson will offer a lineup of Class 3-7 walk-in delivery vans equipped with a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain from Crosspoint Kinetics, the companies announced at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

Installing Kinetics Hybrid technology involves bolting on a parallel electric hybrid system to a vehicle’s driveline to capture kinetic energy while slowing and braking. The captured energy is stored in ultra-capacitors after being converted to electricity. The stored power is then used to launch and accelerate a vehicle.

The process is designed to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions in applications that involve a heavy start/stop duty cycle. The Kinetics Hybrid system is designed to be installed and operated in small transit buses, shuttles, service and delivery vehicles.

Morgan Olson produces Class 2-7 walk-in van bodies, cab chassis box truck bodies and cargo van upfitting for North America. Their designs are made to accommodate several cargo configurations such as parcel delivery, insulated and refrigerated units, laundry and textile delivery, baking and snack food, newspaper, and beverage delivery bodies.