Ecuador’s Coordination Ministry of Production, Employment and Competitiveness (CMPEC) recently signed the “Framework Agreement for the Promotion, Marketing and Manufacturing Prospects of Batteries and Electric Vehicles in the Republic of Ecuador” with representatives of Nissan, Renault, Kia, BYD, according to a report by the

The aim is for these automakers to introduce electric vehicles in the local market and contribute to the development of infrastructure, post-sale service, and management of rechargeable batteries, according to the report.

The CMPEC will propose a comprehensive and viable plan for the installation, operation and maintenance of an EV charging network, with support from the Agency for Regulation and Electrical Control (Arconel) and the National Institute for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (INER). The government organization will offer incentive packages to citizens in order to promote the use and purchase of these electric mobility systems. It will evaluate financial and non-financial incentives offer, either directly or indirectly, to promote its commercialization, manufacture and use, according to the report.