Photo: Lootah BioFuels

Photo: Lootah BioFuels

Lootah biofuels, a fully owned subsidiary of the SS Lootah group and Emirates Transguard, a security service provider will collaborate on a new initiative to support a sustainable fuel produced from used cooking oil for the latter’s vehicles in the UAE.

The agreement was signed by Yousif Bin Saeed Al Lootah, CEO, Lootah biofuels, and Alexander de Oliveira, Chief Support Officer - Support Services, Emirates Transguard. As per the agreement Lootah biofuels will provide its high rich content biodiesel B-5 to meet the fuel requirement of Transguard’s large fleet of vehicles in the UAE.

The agreement aims at taking up the initiative for greener fuel option as well as reduction of UCO waste, thereby creating value for the green economy and environment, according to the companies.

"This agreement provides Emirates Transguard access to a secure and stable supply of renewable fuel with the most efficient logistic support from Lootah Biofuels," said Yousif Bin Saeed Al Lootah. “I am very pleased to sign this agreement as our profound experience in producing biodiesel from used cooking oil can be used effectively by joining hands with such leading organisations. Biofuels are a key part of our renewable energy future. Imagine the transformational impact that we can achieve when all stakeholders join hands to manufacture and consume biodiesel generated from cooking oil that otherwise simply goes waste. The focus on using green fuel has given the impetus to companies like Emirates Transguard to come together and make this a reality.”

De Oliveira said: “As Emirates Transguard is the UAE’s long-time partner for providing ATM security to the banking industry, we see this as a great opportunity to participate in what we believe is a cutting-edge initiative. We are pleased to be a part of this green initiative by getting numerous benefits associated with biodiesel, including the reduction of carbon emissions and the ease with which the petroleum diesel conversion into biodiesel can be made throughout our fleet without modifying the engines.”